The Detox Master

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Welcome to my Detox master Website

My name is Cristiana.

I am a Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist, a Bi-Aura and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, and a certified MAT (Metaphysical Anatomy Technique) Advanced Practitioner

I help people reclaim their health and vitality at a deep cellular level through my specialist Detox Master programmes.

“The human body is in a constant cycle of breakdown and repair and has a miraculous ability to heal itself, but modern life can leave those systems overwhelmed and under-resourced”.

Fatigue, brain fog, digestive complaints, skin issues, joint pain, menstrual cycle irregularities, infertility and even mood disorders can all be signs that your body is overloaded and needs support.

Perhaps you have tried all the latest diets, spent money on gym membership, personal trainers and other health gurus and still don’t feel quite right.

I was in a similar place 10 years ago. I always thought my diet was decent and that I was ‘healthy enough’ for my age. Oh, how wrong I was! I was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer, and my life path changed dramatically from that moment on.


“My life changed drastically on that day…but not in a negative sense. It changed for the better”.

My son was still very young, and I wasn’t prepared to leave him yet so I took everything I knew about my life and turned it on its head. I re-examined my diet, lifestyle, and my entire mindset.

It hasn’t been an easy path, and I had some dreadful days, but I was cancer-free after one year, and I still am to this day. In fact, I’ve never been healthier!

Since my diagnosis, I have studied extensively, eventually becoming a qualified nutritional therapist, naturopath, and energy practitioner.

Although I learned various natural and non-invasive therapies, I now specialise in detox and preventative medicine. I believe prevention is the best medicine, and detoxification plays a massive part in it.

"Natural medicine treats the person, not the illness. Each person is unique, and healing should be tailored to meet the needs of our different genetic expressions, irrespective of the condition."

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What is the solution?


After my personal experience, I would recommend to anyone serious about their health to try some detox practices. But I would also suggest seeking the help of a qualified practitioner.

A professional can evaluate if we are ‘fit’ for detox because there are some conditions where a cleanse can be counterproductive, and it can sometimes be overwhelming without the guidance of an expert.

My Full Body Detox Master Programme is designed to provide that one-to-one support through this life-changing process. I will take you through a series of supported naturopathic cleanses backed by evidence-based nutritional therapy.

The Detox Master programmes take from six to eight weeks, depending on how the individual body responds to the process. Be assured that you have my full attention and support throughout with weekly support calls. All the supplements, herbs, and kits necessary to complete the programme are included.

More and more research is being done on the role of emotional trauma in chronic disease. As an energy practitioner, I can work with the deeper energy systems of the body in order to clear blockages and release trauma.

The Full Body and Energy Detox Master Programme combines all the Nutritional and Naturopathic therapy of the body detox along with extensive energy work.

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Work with me

These programmes are life changing.

The knowledge acquired along the way will alter how to you treat your body and think about your health forever.

Ready to take the leap?

Book a FREE 15 minutes call with me (worth £75) to see if the Detox Master programme could be the answer that you are looking for.

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Do You want to know how I work?

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Are you looking to reboot your body and your life?

Check when and where my next detox retreat is 

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 If you are looking for support with your health concerns, visit Naturopathic Healing to learn more about my services.

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